About Excelogy..

Excelogy comprises a small team of experienced consultants with an extensive partner network providing a unique and impressive range of services and products - from a background of real-world experience and many years of computer applications across a range of industries and company size.

Spreadsheet Automation

Presenting LIVE information from your ERP systems in Excel, allowing drill down to source transactions and automating the distribution of management reports.

Services related to these products tailored to your specific needs -

  - Installation
  - Training
  - Report Generation
  - Ongoing Support



Our extended team has MANY years of technical, application and real life business experience in a range of industry sectors and computer applications. 

Our skill set can assist you in :-

  - Project Management
  - Supplement your Project team
  - System Selection
  - System Testing
  - User Documentation

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Excelogy - Unique combination of Excellence/ Excel/ Experience/  Knowledge/ Empathy

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